Product Specifications


Publication Code Title
PS360-PCIE AHA360-PCIe Specification – 2.5 Gbits/sec GZIP Compression/Decompression Accelerator
PS3610B AHA3610B Specification – GZIP Lossless Compression/Decompression Coprocessor IC
PS363-PCIE AHA363-PCIe Specification – 5.0 Gbits/sec GZIP Compression/Decompression Accelerator
PS367-PCIE AHA367-PCIe Specification – 10.0 Gbits/sec GZIP Compression/Decompression Accelerator
PS367ERRATA AHA367PCIE0101G Errata Sheet

Turbo Product Codes

Publication Code Title
PS4501 AHA4501 Specification – 36 Mbits/sec Turbo Product Code Encoder/Decoder IC
PS4540B AHA4540B Specification – 155 Mbits/sec TPC Encoder/Decoder IC
PS4540EVB AHA4540 TPC Evaluation Board – Specification
PS4541 AHA4541 Specification – 311 Mbit/sec TPC Encoder/Decoder


Publication Code Title
PSG709D2-5 2.5 Gbits/sec ITU G.709 Reed-Solomon Decoder Core – Specification
PSG709E2-5 2.5 Gbits/sec ITU G.709 Reed-Solomon Encoder Core – Specification

Low Density Parity Check Codes

Publication Code Title
PS4702D AHA4702D Specification – DVB-S2 Compliant LDPC/BCH Forward Error Correction Decoder Core
PS4702E AHA4702E Specification- DVB-S2 Compliant LDPC/BCH Forward Error Correction Encoder Core
PS4720 AHA4720 Specification – DVB-S2 Compliant LDPC/BCH Forward Error Correction IC
PSLDPC-STK LDPC Simulation Tool Kit User’s Guide

Data Compression

Forward Error Correction

Encryption and Hashing

Regular Expression Search

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