12.5 MBytes/sec Reed-Solomon Error Correction IC  
The AHA4013 is a member of the AHA PerFEC high performance, single-chip Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) devices. A single-phase clock synchronizes all chip functions. CMOS technology and custom design techniques help achieve the highest performance and density. The AHA4013 implements the Intelsat IESS-308.
  • Standard Intelsat IESS-308 polynomial
  • Programmable error correction capabilities from 1 to 10 errors and 2 to 20 erasures
  • Throughput up to 100 Mbit/sec and higher (see app note below)
  • Evaluation software available (rs_demo.zip)
  • RoHS compliant version available 
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AHA4013 Specification - 12.5 MBytes/sec Reed-Solomon Error Correction IC

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