DVB-S2X Compliant Complete Ethernet through IQ Modem Core

The AHA4709E2IQ Modem Core is fully compliant with the Digital Video Broadcast S2-Extention (DVB-S2X) standard. The transmit path includes Ethernet input, encapsulation, stream adaptation, FEC encoder, symbol mapper, PL framer, and modulator with I/Q symbols output to an external D/A. The receive path includes demodulator with I/Q symbols input from an external A/D, PL deframer, LLR demapper, FEC decoder, stream adaptation, encapsulation, and Ethernet output.


  • DVB-S2-X compliant
  • ACM & VCM compliant
  • Currently supports codes of modulation QPSK through 32APSK with higher modulation support available soon.
  • Channel rate: 1 to 72 MSym/s
  • Max data rate: 300 Mbps
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AHA4709E2IQ Specification - High Speed DVB-S2X Digital Ethernet Modem IP Core

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