DVB-S2-X Compliant Physical Layer Framing Core
The AHA4709P Physical Layer (PL) Framing core is fully compliant with section 5.5 of the Digital Video Broadcast S2-Extention (DVB-S2-X) standard, comprising dummy frame insertion (both normal and VL-SNR), PL signaling (SOF, PLS, VL-SNR header), pilot insertion, and scrambling. This core also implements the spreading and bit mapping of VL-SNR ??2⁄ BPSK constellations described in section 5.4.0 of the DVB-S2-X standard as required by the AHA4709S Symbol Mapper core. The core is designed to connect directly to the output of the AHA4709S Symbol Mapper core. The core allows code and modulation changes on a frame-by-frame basis to fully support both Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) and Variable Coding Modulation (VCM).
  •  DVB-S2-X compliant
  • ACM and VCM compliant
  • Supports all original DVB-S2 MODCODs plus all additional DVB-S2-X MODCODs
  • Supports VL-SNR codes
  • Max Input rate:  1 symbol / clock
  • Max Output rate:  1 symbol / clock
  • Typical Speed in Stratix V:  300 MHz
  • Typical Resource Usage in Stratix V:  500 ALMs
  • Complete Documentation
  • Synthesized Netlist
  • Netlist or Encrypted Source for Simulation
  • Bit accurate C/Matlab models 
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