20K (2Kb) Keys/s, 10 Gbps Compression Low Profile PCIe Accelerator
The AHA604 integrates AHA's RSA asymmetric encryption and GZIP / ZLIB compression technologies.  It contains an AHA3641 (10 Gbps) compression IC and an RSA coprocessor that does over 20,000 2048-bit private key operations per second.
  • Supports RSA public/private key operations used in SSL/TLS
  • Supports 1024, 2048, and 4096 bit RSA private key sizes
  • Offloads RSA modular exponentiation function from CPU
  • OpenSSL plug-in available
  • Supports open standard algorithms GZIP and ZLIB
  • Supports LZS algorithm
  • Full duplex operation
  • High compression ratio
  • Minimal expansion of uncompressible data
  • Supports unlimited number of concurrent compression files
  • Efficient scatter / gather DMA Engine
  • Single Slot Low Profile PCI Express® Form Factor
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Data Compression

Forward Error Correction

Encryption and Hashing

Regular Expression Search

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