36 Mbits/sec Turbo Product Code Encoder/Decoder IC

The AHA4501 is a single-chip Forward Error Correction LSI device using Turbo Product Codes (TPC). The device operates as a block code encoder at the input or a block code decoder at the output of a communication channel. Turbo Product Codes offer a higher performance alternative to Reed-Solomon concatenated with Viterbi error correction methods. The AHA4501 TPC encoder/decoder uses extended Hamming codes in two or three dimensions to provide high performance error correction.


  • Maximum 50 Mbit/sec channel rate encoding
  • Maximum 36 Mbit/sec channel rate decoding
  • Built-in helical scrambling
  • Programmable block size from 256 to 4096 bits
  • Evaluation software available
  • RoHS compliant version available
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AHA4501 Specification - 36 Mbits/sec TPC Encoder/Decoder IC

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Data Compression

Forward Error Correction

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