DVB-S2 Compliant Stream Adaptation Core
The AHA4702DBB-SA is an Intellectual Property (IP) core that implements a Pad remover Base-Band Frame, and a Base-Band Descrambler.  The output of this module connects to a Mode Adaptation IP, while the input Connects to a DVBS2 Compliant decoder such as the AHA4702D or AHA4702DS.
This IP core is fully compliant with sections 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 of the Digital Video Broadcast S2 (DVB-S2) standard, ETSI document EN 302 307 V1.1.2 (2006-06).
  • DVB-S2 compliantFull ACM and VCM compliant
  • Single clock synchronous design, using rising edge only
  • Available for FPGA platforms
  • Available as ASIC core upon request


  • ASIC or Synthesized netlist for FPGA
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