1 Gbps WAN Optimizer with Packet Protection (1U Appliance)
AHA's DuroStream AHA725 is a standalone 1U network appliance that maximizes throughput and minimizes latency in networks with high packet loss rates.  TCP provides reliable data delivery when deployed on low latency and packet loss networks, but even at 1% packet loss, TCP chokes network throughput to avoid perceived network congestion.  DuroStream is able to connect when TCP cannot, ensuring critical connectivity.  AHA's packet protection technology benefits any point-to-point communication links that experience loss but are unable to fix or correct this loss. 
  • Provides a transparent bridge that transports IP data over impaired links.
  • Tolerates 75% packet loss with spikes of 90% packet loss.
  • Tolerates round trip times (RTT) up to 2 seconds.
  • Provides a full-duplex, survivable, point-to-point network protocol for resilient data transport.
  • Provides connectivity over "best effort" networks such as the public Internet where reliability is not guaranteed.
  • Supports all IP packet types.
  • Supports Layer 3 networks.
  • Prevents network delays that are typical when TCP/IP connections experience packet loss.
  • Adaptive forward error correction protection minimizes latency and maximizes link utilization.
  • Dynamically adapts to packet loss on the WAN link to maximize throughput and minimize error correction overhead.
  • Corrects for out of order and duplicate packets.
  • Supports 1500 byte MTU.
  • Provides header compression.
  • Performance metrics reported include: bandwidth, packet loss, and round-trip time.
Physical Appliance
  • 1U Appliance
  • 100-240 VAC, 6.0-3.0A, 50/60 Hz power input (auto sensing)
  • Dual (redundant) power supplies.


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