WAN Optimization Appliance with Packet Protection
AHA's DuroStream DS1 is a standalone compact 1U network appliance that maximizes throughput and minimizes latency in networks with high packet loss rates.  TCP provides reliable data delivery when deployed on low latency and packet loss networks, but even at 1% packet loss, TCP chokes network throughput to avoid perceived network congestion.  DuroStream DS1 is able to connect when TCP cannot, ensuring critical connectivity.  AHA's packet protection technology benefits any point-to-point communication links that experience loss but are unable to fix or correct this loss.
  • Provides a transparent bridge that transports IP streams over impaired links.
  • Full-Duplex, survivable, point-to-point network protocol for resilient data transport.
  • Suppresses TCP backoff over crowded links for ensured transmission of critical data.
  • Resilient under packet loss rates up to 97%, high latencies, jitter, packet reordering and duplication.
  • Provides connectivity over "best effort" networks like the Internet when reliability is not guaranteed.
  • Supports all packet types and sizes.
  • Creates Layer 2 and Layer 3 survivable tunnel.
  • WAN data rates of up to 1Gbps available now (10Gbps in development).
  • Integrated header and payload compression.
  • Adaptive forward error correction protection minimizes latency and maximizes link utilization.
  • Dynamically adapts to packet loss to maximize throughput and minimize error correction overhead.  Zero FEC overhead injected until required.
  • Flexible protection with configurable latency and throughput tunable to network needs.
  • Configurable, in-order or out-of-order packet delivery based on customer requirements.
  • Link Analysis Metrics reported to User (Latency, Rates, Packet Loss).
  • Built in test functions for determining link viability and optimum parameters.
  • Also available as Licensed Software or fully integrated embedded hardware for non-server systems.

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