66 MBytes/sec StarLite Simultaneous Compressor/Decompressor IC

AHA3431 is a high speed lossless compression coprocessor IC for the hardcopy systems on many standard platforms. The AHA3431 is functionally backward compatible to the AHA3411. Simultaneous compression and decompression, flexible interfaces and advanced banding support make this a unique solution for high performance Raster Image Processing (RIP) controller designs. Advanced banding support handles blank, uncompressed and compressed bands during decompression mode. Scan line and record length counters accommodate various print resolutions and band buffer sizes.


  • 66 MBytes/sec compression/decompression rates
  • 264 MBytes/sec burst data rate over a 32-bit data bus
  • 66 MBytes/sec synchronous optional 8-bit video in and video out ports
  • Simultaneous compression and decompression at full bandwidth
  • Average 15 to 1 compression ratio for 1200 dpi bitmap image data
  • Advanced banding support
  • 3.3 volt operation
  • 128 pin package
  • RoHS compliant
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Product Specifications
AHA3431 Specification - 66 MBytes/sec StarLite Simultaneous Compressor/Decompressor IC

Application Notes
StarLite Designer's Guide
Compression Performance for Bitonal Images
StarLite Compression on Continuous Tone Images



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