5.0 Gbits/sec GZIP Compression/Decompression Accelerator
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*Legacy Product - Not Recommended For New Designs

The AHA363-PCIe is a PCI-e plug in card that adds GZIP compression and decompression to data networking streams. This card supports data rates of over 5.0 gigabits per second. Communication and storage networks require high-speed compression solutions to provide low latency links. Compression also saves valuable media space when storing files to disk or tape.

The AHA363-PCIe is several times faster than the closest competitive solutions. The AHA363-PCIe is ideal for SAN servers, virtual tape emulation backup and recovery systems, point-to-point communication link servers and SSL accelerators. The AHA363-PCIe will improve the speed and performance for nearly any system requiring compression or decompression.


  • Open standard compression algorithm (GZIP/Deflate)
  • Performs both compression and decompression
  • Compresses and decompresses at a throughput rate over 5.0 Gbits/sec
  • Uses patented hardware compression integrated circuits
  • PCI-Express card interface
  • ASCII text compresses greater than 3.0:1
  • Scatter Gather DMA
  • 64-bit OS support
  • Linux reference drivers with source code
  • SMP and Hypterthreading support
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Linux kernel support
  • Operating voltage 3.3V
Product Briefs

Product Specifications
AHA363-PCIe Specification - 5.0 Gbps GZIP Compression/Decompression Accelerator
AHA3610 Specification - 2.5 Gbps GZIP Compression/Decompression IC

AHA360/363/367 Linux driver v3.4.0, requires firmware v32 or higher
AHA363 Linux driver, firmware pre v32
AHA363 Windows driver (up to Windows 2008)

Application Notes
AHA3xx Series Linux Driver API
AHA363-PCIe Linux Quick Start Guide
AHA360 Series Field Reprogramming Guide
AHA363-PCIe Windows Driver API Documentation
AHA363-PCIe Windows Quick Start Guide
AHA363-PCIe Windows Field Reprogramming Guide
AHA3xx Series ZLIB Quick Start Guide
AHA3xx Series ZLIB User's Manual
AHA360 Series OpenSolaris User API Documentation
AHA363-PCIe OpenSolaris Quick Start Guide
AHA360 Series Apache GZIP Compression Module
AHA363-PCIe Driver User Interface Specification

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